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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the players on the Colts roster?

*This list is mainly comprised of players who's contracts expired at the start of the new league year. However, some players considered"significant" who were released are added here. This may include players with the team previously, or players acquired during the current season.

What is the salary cap for the Colts?

Colts 2019 Cap Totals Maximum Salary Cap: $237,846,053 Active Contracts: $157,256,931 Injured Reserve: $12,771,310 Dead Cap: $20,570,855 Total Cap: $193,880,406 Est.

What makes a good football player for the Indianapolis Colts?

Elite-level quickness and agility. Has rare ankle flexibility and lower body movement aesthetics. Long arms and has the ability to always play lower than his man. Plays the game like a high level wrestler, showing excellent coordination and accuracy. Plays balanced and strong while moving at full speed. Fast to reach his top speed.

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