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Frequently Asked Questions

What is somatic symptom disorder?

Somatic symptom disorder. Print. Somatic symptom disorder is characterized by an extreme focus on physical symptoms — such as pain or fatigue — that causes major emotional distress and problems functioning.

What is the somatic system?

The somatic system is the part of the peripheral nervous system that is responsible for carrying motor and sensory information both to and from the central nervous system (CNS).

Is somatic symptom disorder a VA disability?

The Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes SOMATIC SYMPTOM DISORDER as a mental condition that may be related to service, and SOMATIC SYMPTOM DISORDER is therefore compensable. What is the disability rating for SOMATIC SYMPTOM DISORDER?

Where do people with somatic symptom disorder go for treatment?

People with somatic symptom disorder typically go to a primary care physician rather than a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. Sometimes it can be difficult for individuals with somatic symptom disorder to understand that their concerns about their symptoms are excessive.

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