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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Brisbane's flood map?

The unexpected flooding that caused damage to thousands of homes in February 2022 has been added to a new flood map for Brisbane. Brisbane City Council’s new Flood Information Online tool provides an interactive online flood tool designed to make finding information easier.

What happened in the 2022 eastern Australia floods?

The 2022 Eastern Australia floods were one of the nation's worst recorded flood disasters with a series of floods that occurred in South East Queensland, the Wide Bay–Burnett and parts of coastal New South Wales.

Is there a flood map overlay for 2022?

The flood map overlay is also available in qglobe or arcgis or one of those systems from memory. Thanks! I'm not seeing 2022 floods on there though :/ They must have taken it off their site. You may have to do some googling. They issued a map on March 2nd or 3rd for a 4.0m and/or 3.85m flood inundation, based on their flood modelling.

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